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Dear Christine,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with planning our vacation to Kenya & Rwanda. Every detail was perfect - Sandy and I had a wonderful time!

I can't even begin to describe the feeling of being five feet away from a 400-pound silverback gorilla or the thrill of having an elephant just outside our tent! The best part was the wonderful people we met along the way: Africa is an amazing place, and the people we met will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

You'd warned us that Africa was addictive - well, you were right! The minute we left, we started planning for our next trip. We're so looking forward to working with you again!

Bob & Sandy Smith
Las Vegas

Christine Eichin KNOWS Africa!

My fifteen-year-old and I were a bit of a safari anomaly: we knew we'd have to watch our "endangered" funds or have a long swim back to the states. So when we prepared for our long-anticipated Africa trip, I worried that our budget limitations would make for a disappointing experience.

I've no doubt that this would have been the case - had we not consulted Christine! As a result of her expert advice and planning, we were able to travel not only to Rwanda, but to Uganda and Kenya as well! I can honestly say that we lacked nothing in the way of quality, comfort, or experience the entire time we were there.

To my surprise, Ms. Eichin's expertise did not extend merely to lodging, economy, and safari game parks. While making her recommendations, she gave intriguing insights into the birds and animals in each area. A true naturalist, Christine thoroughly answered every question we had about African wildlife and vegetation.

Never once did I feel unprepared or unsafe: Christine advised us on everything from appropriate health precautions to what to wear while gorilla tracking! No detail was left to chance; everything was in Christine's competent hands - it was the first trip I'd ever been on where there had been no unpleasant surprises. (There were LOTS of pleasant ones!)

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Africa, I cannot think of a better person to arrange it for you. Christine is experienced, honest, ethical and knowledgeable. I have only the highest regard for her, and you will, too!

Carol A. Rivero, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Sacramento, California

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